True enough.

As the old saw goes: "That's a heck of a nice pen you've got there — bet you write good stories with it!"

That said, ergonomics count for a lot. Being able to get the setting you want from a knob or button on the outside of the camera (no menu diving) makes it easier to capture the shot you have in mind.

I went from Nikon film to Nikon digital (same glass) and started digital with a used D7000. One afternoon, at an overlook, I was trying to help someone with a D5000. It handled just like my camera — but the button I was trying to show them to ‘just do’ what they wanted wasn’t on that camera.

Semi retired software architect, statistical analyst, hotel mgr, bike racer, swimmer. Photographer. Amateur historian. Avid reader. Home cook. Never-FBer

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